We are a collective of digital accessibility educators.

Get to know us

What we offer

We work with organizations and academic institutions.

We believe that accessibility is everyone’s responsibility, but not everyone needs to know everything. We work with teams to help build their knowledge relevant to their role.

Together we can create digital learning content, experiences, and platforms that are usable for all.


We support you to make systemic changes.

We’ll help you build accessibility into all levels of your organization’s information and communication technologies (ICT).


We deliver custom education sessions.

We provide education so your team has the skills to make your digital content and environments accessible, usable, and inclusive.


We believe innovation should be celebrated and encouraged.

We work with you to innovate and introduce new products and services that are accessible and inclusive.


We create accessible curriculum content.

We collaborate to implement an inclusive design framework for your curriculum. We build accessible learning environments.


We provide one-on-one support.

We believe in allyship – building and nurturing supportive relationships with individuals with the aim of advancing accessibility and inclusion.

Virtual Learning

Each month a member of the Collective will share their knowledge.

Join us for our free monthly lunch & learn sessions and sign up for our ½ day professional development workshops.